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Mercer was established in NYC in 2015 as a platform for young designers to showcase their leather creations. Named after the vibrant shopping street in Soho, Manhattan, Mercer bags are inspired by the fast-paced lifestyle of cosmopolitan women--independent and energetic, confident and comfortable in their own skin. The sleek Mercer bags are designed to marry style and function for both casual daytime looks and a chic night outs. Designed in NYC, available around the globe.


Issaree Trongkamolthum is a Thai designer and architect completing her masters in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons The New School of Design. She grew up with a fastidious attention to detail, to colors and lines, to materials and structures. Her background in architecture has solidified her understanding of forms and functions as well as space and human behavior. With Mercer, she turns her skills and passion into a reality.  Issaree designs special collections and is involved throughout the design process.

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